Teh Genesis

Following Ryoshi's vision of decentralization, ShibaCrypt is building web3 software tools to ensure that teh people continue to hold the reigns of power as defi ecosystems evolve. DAO governance also features increased voting power by sacrificing your $SCX.

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Create Your Own Tokens

Create new ERC-20 token contracts without touching a line of code, straight from our dashboard! Pay with our native $SCX token, and get ready to launch your new project to the stratosphere with a secure, quality contract custom-made for your needs.

Community DAO Governance

The unique burn portal allows $SCX holders to sacrifice tokens in exchange for $xSCX (sacrificed SCX) which gives more DAO voting power. This allows for holder voices to shape our governance while also adding deflationary tokenomics for our native token. See our first Medium article for more info about the DAO structure and burn system.

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Growing and Evolving Utility

Our lead developer, Cody, has experience working on the original Shiba dev team (primarily on the Shibaswap platform) as well as other large market cap projects. Cody's goal with ShibaCrypt is to expand our suite of tools to meet the changing needs of our holders and the broader ecosystem.


$SCX native token
Transaction Taxes

A 4% tax is applied to buys, sells, and transfers of $SCX. These taxes are used for additional LP tokens, marketing and development costs, and other spending to maximize sustainabilty of the project.

Token Supply & Distribution

$SCX has a fixed total supply of 100B tokens. 20% of the tokens were burned shortly after launch, and there are further deflationary burns built into the DAO voting system when holders sacrifice $SCX in exchange for $xSCX (sacrificed SCX). Currently 50% of total $SCX supply is in circulation. The team has reserved 10% of the supply for large-scale strategic partnerships.

ERC-20 token addresses:

ShibaCrypt (SCX):

sacrificed SCX (xSCX):



  • SCX stealth launch
  • Community development
  • V1 website & socials
  • Utility reveal
  • DAO infrastructure


  • Beta and public dashboard
  • CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap listing
  • V2 website & more documentation
  • Marketing push when utility is live


  • Expand to new investor markets
  • Utility expansion via DAO votes
  • Ongoing utility and web revision
  • Expand dev/marketing team
  • Strategic partnerships
And much more to come. We are extremely thankful to the community who believe in this project and make our journey possible.